Jenkins notifier adapted for Slack
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$ cnpm install hubot-jenkins-slack-optimised 
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Hubot Jenkins notifier for Slack

Respond to Jenkins notifications in a format appropiated for Slack attachments. This is a personalised implementation of hubot-jenkins-slack.


In hubot project repository, run:

npm install hubot-jenkins-slack-optimised --save

Then add hubot-jenkins-slack-optimised to your external-scripts.json:


You also need slack-attachment-optimised module installed for version 3 of hubot-slack adapter.


Below you could see a sample session of hubot-jenkins-slack-optimised with:

  1. a build that finalized with success;
  2. a build that starts from our master branch;
  3. a build that failed;
  4. a build that starts from a pull request.


The obscured information in the first line of each notification follows the following pattern: Jenkins #{job name} #{action} #{job build URL}.



You need to enable Jenkins Notification plugin and then, in each project you would like to be notified about, add an endpoint like the following:

Add Notification endpoint

You only need to change URL to point to your host. Take into account that the URL path begins with your Hubot instance name, so if your Hubot is named marvin, the URL should be instead.

The room query string parameter is required, as an indicator of the channel name where you would like your notification to be displayed. You don't need to prefix your room name with #, so if you want your notifications displayed in the #ci channel, then you need to pass ?room=ci.

In case you want to see the message received and the attachment sent, you can also pass debug=1.

Environment variables

The following environment variables define the colors used for each build status:



This plugin currently offers no commands.


This software is licensed under MIT License. See License for more details.

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