Integration with IONAPP service
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$ cnpm install hubot-ionapp 
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Hubot IONapp Script

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Run the npm install command...

npm install hubot-ionapp

Add the script to the external-scripts.json file



Set the environment variables

export HUBOT_IONAPP_COMPANY_NAME='my_company'

To obtain auth token go to https://<company name> and generate one. Some of the commands require a token generated by the administrator.


Returns a list of users who are absent

mybot who's absent

Returns a list of users who will be absent on specified day

mybot who'll be absent tomorrow
mybot who'll be absent on Friday
mybot who'll be absent on Feb 28
mybot who'll be absent on 2015-02-14

Displays a list of IONapp team members and chat users mapped with them

mybot show me the team

Maps chat user to the IONapp username

mybot remember me as abogdal

Adds a home office requests

mybot I will be working at home on Monday
mybot I will be working at home on Feb 10 to 14

It covers all work time windows in specified date range. This command requires admin auth token.

Docker Compose

Docker and docker-compose are required to be installed.

$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose run hubot
mybot> mybot who's absent

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