Hubot Adapter for Google Hangouts
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$ cnpm install hubot-hangupsjs 
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Hubot HangupsJS

This is a Hubot adapter for Google Hangouts.


Create a new bot

Detailed instructions can be found on the Hubot wiki

Simple instructions are:

npm install -g yo generator-hubot
mkdir myhubot
cd myhubot
yo hubot

Include the adapter

npm install hubot-hangupsjs --save

Run hubot with the hangupsjs adapter

bin/hubot -a hangupsjs


Set the Google authentication token

Set the environment variable HUBOT_GOOGLE_AUTH_TOKEN to the value found here:

Alternatively, if the environment variable is omitted the console will interactively request the token from the same URL.

This is a a Google whitelisted OAuth CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET that shows up as "iOS Device" in your accounts page.

This token is a one-time token so it will not work on redeployment or after significant time or changes are made. A new token will have to be obtained and the environment variable removed or reset.

Hubot auth

It's highly recommended that you use the hubot-auth script since this bot will be publicly accessible.

You can get the user IDs required for the HUBOT_AUTH_ADMIN setting by calling the plus.people.get API method.

Google account settings

I'm not sure if these steps are necessary, but I have set/changed the following settings on my bot account.

Turn on Hangouts in Gmail.

Disable Get notified about invitations and enable Everyone else: contact you directly in the Customize invitation settings.

Add a cool picture and update your bot's name.

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