A hubot script for playing hangman using the WORDNIK api, api-key required.
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$ cnpm install hubot-hangman 
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Play Hangman using Wordnik and Hubot!


A coffee-script based chat add-on for playing Hangman. The script originated in the hubot-scripts repo. The hubot-scripts repo was later deprecated in favor of using stand alone node_modules for each hubot add-on. Seeing as the script had not been touched or modified in several years and the originator of the script did not have a repo with anything related to hangman, I opted to port this and keep it maintained with the MIT license.

Please feel free to leave any feedback on the github project.

The script requires a Wordnik API key which you will need to request and setup as a CONFIG_VAR on Heroku. The API keys are free to request.


  • hubot hangman - Display state of current game or start new game.
  • hubot hangman {x} - Make a single character guess.
  • hubot hangman {word} - Make a guess to solve the puzzle.


Run the following command

$ npm install hubot-hangman

Then to make sure the dependencies are installed:

$ npm install

To enable the script, add a hubot-hangman entry to the external-scripts.json file (you may need to create this file).


Release Notes


  • Added ' as a default guess. Now spaces, dashes, and apostrophes will not require guessing and will be shown in the word printout.
  • If you notice any other special characters causing problems please create an issue on the github project for me to address.


  • Fixed: Issue #1
  • Thanks to cpradio for finding another special character bug.
  • Updated the special characters to be defined as an array that we can expand in the future if necessary.
  • Now both spaces and dashes will be shown in the word.
  • Example: This-is a-game would now be shown as ? ? ? ? - ? ? ? - ? ? ? ?.
  • Happy guessing!


  • 1.2.0 bug fix.
  • Dashes were considered guessed, but weren't shown as guessed characters.
  • Now dashes are shown in word. The 8 letter word is: ? ? ? ? - ? ? ?


  • Added - as a default guess. Many users don't expect a dash to appear in the word and hence never guess special characters.
  • Dash will be given for free.
  • If you guess a - it will be treated as a previously guessed letter and will not count against you.
  • If the word contains a dash, it will be shown automatically.


  • Bugfix: Changed unguessed character identifier from - to ?. Some words in the WORDNIK api include dashes, this can confuse the game leaving you stuck in an eternal loop. Changing the character to a question mark to prevent this from happening in the future. *'s and _'s have been avoided due to markdown formatting used by many chat client apps.



  • Confirmed hubot-hangman script is not available as NPM package
  • Migrated hubot-hangman script into NPM package format
  • Changed unguessed character identifier from _ to - to improve client formatting
  • Published

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