Hubot greets everyone with a customizable greeting.
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$ cnpm install hubot-greetings 
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Hubot Greetings

Customized greetings for individual people by your Hubot.


  1. Add hubot-greetings to your package.json:

    "dependencies": {
      "hubot-greetings": "~1.0.0"


2. Require the module in `external-scripts.json`:

  1. Run npm update and restart your Hubot.


To tell Hubot to greet you with a specific phrase, tell him:

Hubot: greet me with your hovercraft is full of eels!

Hubot will remember all of the greetings that you've told him, and choose one randomly each time you enter the room. If you want him to stop using one of them, use:

Hubot: don't greet me with the worst. really, just the worst

You can wipe the slate clean with:

Hubot: forget my greetings

It's a bit spammy, but you can ask Hubot to list all of the greetings that he knows with:

Hubot: show my greetings

Replace me with you or another user's username to change other people's greetings, if you're allowed to do so. Possessive forms are also recognized, so Hubot: show Kyle's greetings will work for a user named Kyle.

Greetings Czar

By default, Hubot will only let you add and remove greetings from yourself. You can change this by either setting the environment variable HUBOT_GREETINGS_FFA to something nonempty, to make it a giant free-for-all. Alternately, if you're using the auth script, you can grant your inner circle the "greeting czar" role, and they and only they can change whatever greetings they like.

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