Open Github pull requests with Hubot
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$ cnpm install hubot-github-create-pullrequests 
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Hubot Create Pull Requests

A script to create github pull request with Hubot from existing branches.


In hubot project repo, run:

npm install hubot-github-create-pullrequests

Then add hubot-github-createpullrequests to your external-scripts.json:



This package uses the HUBOT_GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable to authenticate with github. This is explained more in githubot.

Acquire a token

If you don't have a token yet, run this:

curl -i -d '{"note":"githubot","scopes":["repo"]}' -u "yourusername"

Enter your Github password when prompted. When you get a response, look for the "token" value.

Hubot Commands

hubot create pr from <user>/<repo>/<branch> [into <base>] ["<body>"]
  • user (required): The github user or org that owns the repo.
  • repo (required): Repository where your branch exists.
  • branch (required): Name of branch.
  • base (optional): Name of branch you would like to request to merge into. Master by default.
  • body (optional): Message to create with pull request. Empty by default.

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