Convert between currencies at daily exchange rates
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$ cnpm install hubot-currency 
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Hubot Currency npm version

Convert between currencies at daily exchange rates, using Google's currency converter:


Add hubot-currency to your package.json file:

"dependencies": {
  "hubot-currency": "latest"

Add hubot-currency to your external-scripts.json:


Run npm install hubot-currency


hubot (currency|currencies)                                                 # list the supported currency codes
hubot supported (currency|currencies)                                       # same as above
hubot currency rate <currency-code>                                         # list USD, GBP, and EUR exchange rates for <currency-code>
hubot exchange rate <currency-code>                                         # same as above
hubot currency <value> <currency-code> (in|to|into) <other-currency-code>   # convert <value> from <currency-code> to <other-currency-code>
hubot exchange <value> <currency-code> (in|to|into) <other-currency-code>   # same as above


If you are interested to make hubot-currency better, fork this repository, check the list of open issues for some suggestions to get started, and submit a pull request.

Feel free to add yourself to the CONTRIBUTORS list while submitting a pull request.


© 2014 Mihai Cîrlănaru

See LICENSE for more details.

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