A hubot script to connect ConnectWise and Slack
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$ cnpm install hubot-connectwise_slack 
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This is a Hubot script for connecting ConnectWise with Slack. This script currently listens for ticket numbers in the channels you have invited the bot to and posts a link to the ticket. It will also allow you to watch or ignore ticket so that as tickets are updated in ConnectWise you will be notified via direct message.

##Getting Started

Creating a new bot

  • npm install -g hubot coffee-script yo generator-hubot
  • mkdir -p /path/to/hubot
  • cd /path/to/hubot
  • yo hubot
  • npm install hubot-Connectwise_Slack hubot-slack hubot-redis-brain --save
  • Then add hubot-connectwise_slack to your external-scripts.json:
  • Initialize git and name your initial commit
  • Check out the hubot docs for further instructions on building and deploying your bot

ConnectWise Setup

Currently in addition to an API key, the watchers will need a integrator login setup with callbacks. The username and password are irrelivant, but the callbacks must be set to get notifcations for the ticket watch to work. In both the Service and Project API sections you will need to insert the following:

http[s]://{domain of bot}/hubot/cwticket/?id=

Environment Variables

  • HUBOT_CW_COMPANYID=companyid
  • HUBOT_SLACK_TOKEN=HubotSlackToken

Sample Interaction

user1>> I think I need help with 27483
hubot>> Ticket Link: 27483
user1>> watch ticket 12345
hubot>> You are now watching ticket 12345
user1>> ignore ticket 12345
hubot>> You are now ignoring ticket 12345


Copyright © Web Teks, Inc. MIT License; see License for further details.

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