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$ cnpm install hubot-confluence 
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Automatically respond to questions in chat with a relevant confluence article.


Searches confluence for pages matching search terms extracted via regex


Regexs are in src/data/triggers.json.

The capture group is the search phrase used.

For example:

"how do I configure hubot"

Would search your organization's confluence for an article on configuring hubot


npm install hubot-confluence --save

Then add hubot-confluence to your external-scripts.json



hubot-confluence requires an atlassian account with read access to your organization's confluence

hubot-confluence supports the following environment variables for configuration.


HUBOT_CONFLUENCE_SEARCH_SPACE 	#Comma-separated list of Confluence Spaces to search, eg DEV,MARKETING,SALES


HUBOT_CONFLUENCE_PORT			#Defaults to 443
HUBOT_CONFLUENCE_NUM_RESULTS  	#The number of results to return. Defaults to 1.
HUBOT_CONFLUENCE_TIMEOUT  		#Timeout in ms for requests to confluence. Default is no timeout

HUBOT_CONFLUENCE_PROTOCOL #Configure the protocol to use to connect to confluence (default: https, common use cases: http, https)


confluence show triggers	#Show the current trigger regexs
confluence help				#Show this text
confluence search TEXT		#Run a text search against the phrase TEXT


Alexander Welch



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