Poker HandHistory Analyzer
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Poker HandHistory Analyzer


Analyzes holdem hands.


npm install hha



Analyzes a given PokerHand which has been parsed by the HandHistory Parser hhp. Relative player positions are calculated, i.e. cutoff, button, etc. Players are included in order of action on flop.

The analyzed hand then can be visualized by hhv.

For an example of an analyzed hand please view json output of an analyzed hand.


Returns object the analyzed hand


Filters all players who didn't act in the hand or just folded.


Returns Array<Object> all players that were active in the hand


Scripts what happened in a hand into a actions script array. This array can be read top down to replay the hand.

The players and info fields from the analyzed data are copied over. Each action includes the index at which the player that's executing the action can be found in the players array.

Structure of returned object:

info: object containing hand info
table: object containing info about the table like total seats
board: object cards on the board
players: array of all players at the table including all info about their stacks
 preflop  : array of preflop actions
 flop     : array of flop actions
 turn     : array of turn actions
 river    : array of river actions
 showdown : array of showdown actions


  • data object analyzed hand data @see hha()

Returns object


Takes a script of actions and calculates the states for each. Adds pointers to the state at the beginning of each script.

This is useful if you try to jump around in the hand and reset the state of the table.


  • script Object created via @see hha:script


Converts a hand that was analyzed and then scripted to a summary representation.

The summary has the following properties:

  • header: contains game info, like room, pokertype, blinds, etc.
  • seats: lists the seats of the players including pos, chips and hero indicators
  • chipsStackRatio: hero's M for tournaments, his BBs for cash games
  • preflopSummary: hero's cards and position
  • preflopActions: action types + amounts of each player by position
  • flopSummary: pot at flop, board and playersInvolved
  • flopActions: same as preflopActions
  • turnSummary: pot at turn, turn card and playersInvolved
  • turnActions: same as preflopActions
  • riverSummary: pot at river, river card and playersInvolved
  • riverActions: same as preflopActions
  • totalPot: total money in the pot
  • spoilers: players whos cards are known by position


Returns Object the hand summarized



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