A set of Author features for Hexo.
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Multi authors support for Hexo

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Tested wit Hexo 3.x

This plugin adds support for multiple authors for articles. You can add authors to a post by adding an authorIds array to the frontmatter.

title: Sample post
date: 2014/01/10 12:00
tags: [hexo]

At this point, this plugin expects two files source/_authors/ABC.yml and source/_authors/DEF.yml to exist. In the author files you can add Author Metadata ie.:

name: Luke Skywalker
about: Pilot

This plugin will create Author pages (/authors/authorId) when you run hexo generate - each page contains a paginated list of posts written by the Author. The generator expects a layout called authors, but will fall back to the index layout if it cannot be found.

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