HTML beautifier for Hexo static site generator.
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hexo-html-prettify is a plugin for Hexo static site generator that tidies up output HTML markup.

  • Tidies up the output HTML markup on the fly.
  • Uses js-beautify underneath. It's possible to use all power of this library to beautify HTML markup.
  • Easy to use. Just install it and it will start working.
  • Customizable. You will be able to change every setting of js-beauty minifier.

How it works

Once Hexo build HTML page, the plugin runs js-beautify to cleanup output HTML. Easy! ????


  • Hexo: 4.x
  • Node 12+


  1. Install the plugin using npm:
$ npm install hexo-html-prettify --save-dev
  1. After installation the plugin will start working with default settings, but if you need you can add html_prettify parameter to Hexo configuration file (see configuration description below).
  2. Build your website and enjoy! ????


To configure the plugin add html_prettify key to the Hexo config file. For example:

    enable: true
        - "*/**/test"
        indent_size: 2
        indent_char: " "
        max_preserve_newlines: "-1"
        preserve_newlines: false
        keep_array_indentation: true
        break_chained_methods: false
        indent_scripts: normal
        brace_style: expand
        space_before_conditional: true
        unescape_strings: false
        jslint_happy: true
        end_with_newline: true
        wrap_line_length: "0"
        indent_inner_html: false
        comma_first: false
        e4x: false
        indent_empty_lines: false
Key Required Default value Description
enable false true Enable/disable output HTML prettifying.
exclude false empty Array of paths that should be excluded from processing.
options false Options object that will be passed to js-beautify during processing. You can generate your settings using this online tool.

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