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Attic for casual meta data

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meta-data Model - Subject, Object, Predicate triplet

  • Subject: The thing we’re talking about.
  • In RDF, this is the resource in question.
  • The subject is the person or a thing who or which carries out the action. A sentence cannot exist without the subject. Subjects are nouns or pronouns in a sentence. Example: The teacher is teaching the students. In this sentence, teaching is the verb (it is the action that is being carried out). The one who teaches is the subject, hence teacher is the subject. Now have a look at this sentence: Sit down. Even though this sentence does not seem to have subject, it actually has an implied subject. The sentence is effectively equivalent to: You should sit down.
  • Object: In English the object of a sentence is the thing that the verb is acting upon.
  • In RDF, it’s the “target” or “value” of the triple. It can be another resource, or just a literal value such as a number or word.
  • The object is the person or a thing upon whom or upon which the action of the verb is carried out. In simple words, an object is the receiver of the verb.
  • Example: The teacher is teaching the students. The one who is taught is the object (receiving the action), hence students is the object.
  • Predicate: A term used to describe or modify some aspect of the subject.
  • In RDF, the predicate is used to denote relationships between the subject and the object.
  • Effectively, every sentence can be broken down into two parts: a subject and a predicate. We have already studied what subjects are (what or whom the sentence is about). The predicate is the part of the sentence that tells us something about the subject. Remove the subject and remaining part of the sentence is the predicate of the sentence.
  • Example: The teacher is teaching the students. The teacher is the verb here and the 'is teaching the students' is the predicate. Remember the following rules for the predicate:
  • It must agree in number with the subject.
  • It should use the appropriate tense.
  • Be in the proper voice (active or passive).

Not exact grammatical example

Take the sentence:

Ric’s blog can be found at ricroberts.com

In this sentence:

  • “Ric” is the subject
  • “blog” is the predicate
  • ricroberts.com” is the object

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