This is a simple Hello World plugin using [neon](https://github.com/neon-bindings/neon) for the [Heroku CLI](https://github.com/heroku/heroku-cli-hello-world) based off of the [example](https://github.com/heroku/heroku-cli-hello-world) from Heroku. This s
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$ cnpm install heroku-cli-neon-hello-world 
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Heroku CLI Hello World with Neon

This is a simple Hello World plugin using neon for the Heroku CLI based off of the example from Heroku. This shows off how one can leverage the power (and stability) of Rust to write the core functionality for a plugin.


To install this plugin just do a normal plugin install:

$ heroku plugins:install heroku-cli-neon-hello-world

Local development

Native Extensions

In order for users to not need to know about Rust underneath, it uses node-pre-gyp to compile the binaries. It uses TravisCI to compile the 64-bit Linux/OSX binaries, CircleCI to handle the 32-bit binaries, and Appveyor for the 32/64-bit Windows binaries.

The binding.gyp file calls neon build to compile the native extension as well as move index.node into lib so it can be found.


Make sure you have neon-cli, node-pre-gyp installed:

$ npm install -g neon-cli node-pre-gyp

To build just do a normal yarn install:

$ yarn install

In order to use this with the heroku CLI, you'll need to link it:

$ heroku plugins:link

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