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When it comes to application architecture, Javascript tends to focus on smaller modules that encapsulate a single task and less on large, complex frameworks that support a large range of functionality. While this is great as it creates more flexible applications, it comes at the cost of an opinionated architecture. This means more time is spent on design decisions and less time is spent on development of the application itself.

HelpfulJS aims to help provide a middleground between these modules and act as a "highly opinionated glue". Rather than reinvent the wheel, HelpfulJS is focused on improving the way these modules are implemented and combined.

Project Goals

  • Stays out of the developer's way
  • Makes it easy to combine and use 3rd part modules
  • Supports common best practices found in other languages
  • Smart, opinionated file structure
  • Supports HelpfulJS specific "adapters" that allow even faster implementation of common modules
  • Reduces the amount of keystrokes needed to create an application
  • Prepare for ES6 under the hood to make it easy to incorporate new --harmony features later

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