Easily expose your http server's health.
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$ cnpm install healthpoint 
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Easily expose your http server's health.


var http = require('http')
var healthpoint = require('healthpoint')

var hp = healthpoint({
  version: require('./package.json').version
}, function (cb) {
  // ordinarily you chould check your db connection
  // instead we'll just alternate between healthy and fail every 5 seconds
  var isOk = Math.round( / 5000) % 2
  cb(isOk ? null : new Error('Having a bad time...'))

http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  if (req.url === '/health') return hp(req, res)
  res.end('Visit /health for the health check')

console.log('Visit http://localhost:1337/health for the health check')


healthpoint([properties, check])



healthpoint() will return an http request handler function. healthpoint() takes up to two optional arguments, properties and check.

Any key/value pairs on properties will be exposed on the health check JSON. This is useful for adding things like your app's version.

check is a function that will be called with a callback. If the callback is called with an error as its argument, the health check JSON will have a 500 statusCode and will display status: 'Error'.



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