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$ cnpm install harry-reporter 
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harry-reporter Build Status

Plugin for hermione which is intended to aggregate the results of tests running into html report. Inspired by html-reporter.

You can read more about hermione plugins here.


npm install harry-reporter


Plugin has following configuration:

  • enabled (optional) Boolean – enable/disable the plugin; by default plugin is enabled
  • path (optional) String - path to directory for saving html report file; by default html report will be saved into hermione-report/index.html inside current work directory.
  • defaultView (optional) String - default view mode. Available values are:
    • all - show all tests. Default value.
    • failed - show only failed tests.
  • baseHost (optional) - String - it changes original host for view in the browser; by default original host does not change

Also there is ability to override plugin parameters by CLI options or environment variables (see configparser). Use html_reporter_ prefix for the environment variables and --html-reporter- for the cli options.

For example you can override path option like so:

$ html_reporter_path=custom/dir hermione test
$ hermione test --html-reporter-path custom/dir

Adding plugin to your hermione config file:

module.exports = {
    // ...

    plugins: {
        'harry-reporter': {
            enabled: true,
            path: 'my/hermione-reports',
            defaultView: 'all',
            baseHost: 'test.com'

Additional commands

Additional commands that are added to the tool for which this plugin is connected.


Command that adds ability to effective work with screenshots.

Example of usage:

npx hermione gui


Command that adds ability to merge reports which are created after running the tests.

Example of usage:

npx hermione merge-reports src-report-1 src-report-2 -d dest-report


Run mocha:

npm run test

Run lint:

npm run lint

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