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TileMill is a modern map design studio powered by Node.js and Mapnik.

This fork uses TileMill as a Hapi plugin and has customizations made for the CLIMA project (CCIAM research group, Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa).

Quick start (Ubuntu)

Install the dependencies: sudo npm install

Launch TileMill: ./index.js. This will try to start TileMill as a desktop app (using the topcube module for the client window). If there is no graphical environment it will start only in server mode. In that case we can access TileMill using the browser: http://localhost:20009/

TileMill has several main commands (or "modes"): start, core, export, test and tile. Example: ./index.js start

Each of these commands has specific options. Read more details about the options of each command with ./index <command> --help

The main configuration file will be created the first time TileMill is started. It is located in ~/.tilemill/config.json.

Alternatively, the configuration options in that file can be given in the command line:

  • --server=true: launch as server-only service (prevents the UI from opening)

Example: ./index.js start --server=true

More informations about running TileMill as a Ubuntu service: https://www.mapbox.com/tilemill/docs/guides/ubuntu-service/

Build Status

Build Status Build status Dependencies

Key modules

  • mapnik - Build Status
  • node-mapnik - Build Status
  • carto - Build Status
  • tilelive.js - Build Status
  • tilelive-mapnik - Build Status
  • millstone - Build Status
  • node-mbtiles - Build Status
  • node-sqlite3 - Build Status


  • Mapnik v2.3.0
  • Node.js v0.10.x or v0.8.x
  • Protobuf: libprotobuf-lite and protoc

However, node-mapnik (which depends on Mapnik and protobuf) is now packaged as a binary. So, you do not need an external Mapnik. See Installation


To install from source just do:

git clone https://github.com/mapbox/tilemill.git
cd tilemill
npm install

Then to start TileMill do:

./index.js # and then view http://localhost:20009 in your web browser

For more extended details follow:

Running tests

Install mocha and run the tests

npm install mocha
npm test

Note: the tests require a running postgres server and a postgis enabled database called template_postgis.

If you do not have a template_postgis create one like:

createdb -E UTF8 template_postgis
psql -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis" template_postgis

If you experience failing tests here are two tips:

  1. Debug the project data by running TileMill with

    ./index.js --files=./test/fixtures/files/

  2. Try clearing the cache of test data:

    rm -rf ./test/fixtures/files/

For more info see: http://postgis.net/docs/manual-1.5/ch02.html


TileMill documentation is kept in the mb-pages branch, which is independently managed and not merged with master.

TileMill's in-app reference available as the "Manual" (see below for syncing details) is a very small subset of docs for offline usage and is manually sync'ed from the mb-pages branch.

To view all the TileMill documentation locally, first checkout the mb-pages branch:

git checkout mb-pages

Then install Jekyll:

sudo gem install jekyll

And run Jekyll:


Once Jekyll has started you should be able to view the docs in a browser at:


Syncing manual

To sync the manual with mb-pages updates do:

cd ../
git clone --depth=1 -b mb-pages https://github.com/mapbox/tilemill tilemill-mb-pages
export TILEMILL_GHPAGES=../tilemill-mb-pages
rm -rf ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual
mkdir -p ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual
cp -r ${TILEMILL_GHPAGES}/assets/manual/* ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual/
git add ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual/*
rm -rf ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference
mkdir -p ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference
cp -r ${TILEMILL_GHPAGES}/_posts/docs/reference/* ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference/
git add ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference/*

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