hapi plugin which tries to detect, warn and auto-fix Hapi 17 breaking changes
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$ cnpm install hapi-compat 
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This plugin tries to detect, warn and auto-fix Hapi 17 breaking changes which are not fixed in plugins with a best effort.

Hooks are recursive so if a plugin requires incompatible plugins, hapi-compat plugin will support them too.

What's supported?

ID Auto Fix Perf Impact Description
ASYNC_PLUGINS YES I plugins with next callback should return a Promise now
SERVER_REGISTER YES - server.register({ register }) should be { plugin }
PLUGIN_ATTRS YES - register.attributes ~> {register, pkg}
SERVER_ON YES I* + R* server.on ~> server.events.on
ASYNC_SERVER_EXT YES I Support for server.ext where the method expects having next callback
  • Perf Impact indicates if this support impacts performance of framework (I)init or (R)untime.
  • * means only impacts perf when old code detected not newer plugins

For more details please look at breaking changes list here


Install package:

npm install hapi-compat

# or using yarn...

yarn add hapi-compat

Add plugin and push main Hapi instance as options.server to allow globally registering hooks:

// ...
const server = new Hapi.Server(....)

// ...
    plugin: 'hapi-compat',
    options: {


  • Does this plugin magically fixes everything for migration?

    Absolutely no. This is just a helper utility for making migration easier and faster.


Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Fandogh - Pooya Parsa

Released under The MIT LICENSE

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