HabboAPI Housekeeping
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HabboAPI Housekeeping

arcturus emulator housekeeping written in node & angular using es6


HabboAPI Housekeeping is a powerful open source housekeeping system for use with Arcturus Emulator. The system is designed to manage all aspects of your database including users, rooms, bans, catalog, groups, furniture, navigator, permissions, and more. The backend is written in node using express and frontend is angular, both written using es6.


  • Nodejs v7.x
  • NPM
  • MySQL Server


  • download the latest zip
  • create a new folder and extract the zip to it
  • Open config.json & src/config/constants.js and modify the keys to your desired settings.
  • open command prompt / terminal in root / sudo mode and navigate to the folder you extracted the zip to
  • run npm install -g babel-cli@6.24.0 gulp@3.9.1
  • run npm install
  • import habboapi-housekeeping.sql to your mysql database
  • run gulp build
  • finally to start the server, run npm start



  • what emulator does HabboAPI Housekeeping support?

    • habboapi housekeeping is made for the arcturus emulator database. although with some modifications to the database models this system could be coded for other databases.
  • are the users for housekeeping the same as hotel?

    • habboapi housekeeping stores its users in a seperate table for better security.
  • how do I make modifications to angularjs & the templates?

    • all code for the frontend can be found in the src folder. it is not recommended to make any changes to any of the modules contained here. instead, create a new module and require it into the main app module in app.js. all templates are located in src/views
    • if you make any changes to the src folder you must rebuild the project for your changes to take effect. to do this just open command prompt / terminal and navigate to the folder where habboapi housekeeping. is located and run gulp build. also be sure to restart habboapi housekeeping.

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