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$ cnpm install h2doc 
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Process html to a specified format document(markdown currently), build-in Joplin Web Clipper Server for Joplin Web Clipper

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  • Convert html to markdown format
  • Download pictures in the html
  • Directory is a notebook
  • Collect and cache the tags from the front-matter of markdown
    • Use the special tag format on the first tag to create folder through prefix / or ./
      • startsWith / means absolute path which relative to the root directory
      • startsWith ./ means relative path of the folder
  • Save markdown and pictures to the current(specified) folder(root)
  • decides the rules for stored file name and dir name:
    1. markdown file with the same markdown name folder
      • markdown file: ${folder}/${title}.md
      • markdown assets folder: ${folder}/${title}/
      • markdown assets base file name: ${assetBaseName}
    2. markdown name folder, index(README).md as markdown name in folder
      • markdown file: ${folder}/${title}/index.md
      • markdown assets folder: ${folder}/${title}/
      • markdown assets base file name: ${assetBaseName}
    • you can customize by yourself

Supported variables and functions:

  • folder: the relative to root directory (coming from Joplin Web Clipper)
  • title: (come from Joplin Web Clipper)
  • assetBaseName: the name should not include the extname.
  • date: the ISO format date time.
  • index: the index number of asset.
  • slug : the smart slug of the title.
  • shortid(): return the short unique id.
  • toSlug(str): convert the str to a smart slug.


$ npm install -g h2doc
$ h2doc COMMAND
running command...
$ h2doc (-v|--version|version)
h2doc/0.4.1 linux-x64 node-v12.18.2
$ h2doc --help [COMMAND]
  $ h2doc COMMAND


The config file name could be .md-config.(yaml|json) or md-config.(yaml|json).

The config file search order:

  1. the current working(root) directory
  2. the user home directory
  3. the application config directory
# .md-config.yaml
  root: . # the root folder, defaults to current working directory.
  exclude: # do not include these folders:
    - node_modules
  deep: 5 # Specifies the maximum depth of a read directory relative to the root.
  markdown: ${folder}/${title}.md # whether use the smart slug as markdown file name
  asset: ${folder}/${title}/
  assetBaseName: ${assetBaseName} # do not include extname
slug: # the smart slug options, if it is string which means separator
  separator: '-' # String to replace whitespace with, defaults to -
  lang: '' # ISO 639-1 two-letter language code, defaults to auto-detected language
  tone: false # add tone numbers to Pinyin transliteration of Chinese, defaults to true
  separateNumbers: false # separate numbers that are within a word, defaults to false
  maintainCase: false # maintain the original string's casing, defaults to false
download: true # whether download assets
format: # WARNING: these options maybe changed in the future
  headingStyle: 'atx' # setext or atx
  hr: '---'
  bulletListMarker: '*'
  codeBlockStyle: 'fenced' # indented or fenced
  fence: '```' # ``` or ~~~
  emDelimiter: '_' # _ or *
  strongDelimiter: '**' # ** or __
  linkStyle: 'inlined' # inlined or referenced
  linkReferenceStyle: 'full' # full, collapsed, or shortcut
    strikethrough: true # for converting <strike>, <s>, and <del> elements
    tables: true
    taskListItems: true
frontMatter: # whether use front matter(insert into markdown).
  title: true
  url: true
  author: true
  date: true
  publisher: true
  lang: true
  description: true
  image: true
  video: true
  audio: true


h2doc autocomplete [SHELL]

display autocomplete installation instructions

  $ h2doc autocomplete [SHELL]

  SHELL  shell type

  -r, --refresh-cache  Refresh cache (ignores displaying instructions)

  $ h2doc autocomplete
  $ h2doc autocomplete bash
  $ h2doc autocomplete zsh
  $ h2doc autocomplete --refresh-cache

See code: @oclif/plugin-autocomplete

h2doc help [COMMAND]

display help for h2doc

  $ h2doc help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI

See code: @oclif/plugin-help

h2doc server [DIR]

The Joplin Web Clipper Server to save markdown and images

  $ h2doc server [DIR]

  DIR  which folder to save

  -h, --help             show CLI help
  -h, --host=host        [default: localhost] the host to serve
  -p, --port=port        [default: 41184] the port to serve
  -t, --timeout=timeout  [default: 15000] the timeout to serve


  $ h2doc default
  $ h2doc srv
  $ h2doc svr
  $ h2doc serv

See code: src/oclif/commands/server.ts

h2doc tags [FOLDER]

collect all tags from the front-matter in the folder and save to file

  $ h2doc tags [FOLDER]

  FOLDER  the folder to collect tags, defaults to the current directory

  -c, --cache=cache       [default: .md-tags.yaml] cache all the tags in the folder to the file
  -h, --help              show CLI help
  -s, --skip              skip the cache file
  -t, --format=yaml|json  [default: yaml] the display tags format
  -w, --write             write to the cache file
  -x, --extended          show extra columns
  --columns=columns       only show provided columns (comma-separated)
  --csv                   output is csv format [alias: --output=csv]
  --filter=filter         filter property by partial string matching, ex: name=foo
  --no-header             hide table header from output
  --no-truncate           do not truncate output to fit screen
  --output=csv|json|yaml  output in a more machine friendly format
  --sort=sort             property to sort by (prepend '-' for descending)

See code: src/oclif/commands/tags.ts

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