Lightweight in-browser library to simply upload a base64 image to gyazo.
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$ cnpm install gyazo-browser-upload 
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Lightweight in-browser library to simply upload a base64 image to gyazo.


gyazo-api allows upload to gyazo quite well but it requires authentication. This library is a in-browser library that allows to simply upload an image to your gyazo account.


Right now only is allowed to upload to the default reqUrl! Supply a custom reqUrl for your server/service.


It uses the lightweight superagent package to send a POST request with the image data to the server.


  1. Install this package: $ npm install gyazo-browser-upload --save
  2. Use the package
    const upload = require('gyazo-browser-upload')
    const redDotImage = ''
    const options = {clientId: 'My client'}
    upload(redDotImage, options)
      .then((info) {
         info.url // URL of the image // ID of the image


  • options.clientId … Identifier to be used to show in gyazo where the request came from required!
  • options.reqUrl … URL to which the request should be sent (optional, default:
  • options.referer … Browser referer to be set (optiona, default: window.location.href)
  • options.title … Title that the image should get after uploading. (optional)

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