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$ cnpm install gulp-phantom 
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A PhantomJS plugin for gulp. This plugin read the source from gulp.src as a script of PhantomJS, and record the output into the through object. So you can execute and convert multiple scripts into the texts. It's handy for testing or scraping webpages.


brew install phantomjs
npm install gulp-phantom --save-dev


var gulp = require("gulp");
var phantom = require("gulp-phantom");

gulp.task('phantom', function(){
      ext: json

or write it in CoffeeScript. When using Coffee in PhantomJS, coffee() needed.

gulp = requier 'gulp'
coffee = require 'gulp-coffee'
phantom = require 'phantom'

gulp.task 'phantom', ->
  gulp.src './phantom/*.coffee'
  .pipe coffee()
  .pipe phantom ext:'.json'
  .pipe gulp.dest './data/'

Example PhantomJS Script

The script like below can get the JSON from the table on the website.

page = (require 'webpage').create() "", ->
  result = page.evaluate ->
    for row in $('table#ex > tbody').children()
      for cell in $(row).children()
  console.log JSON.stringify result

Example Dir Structure

  • /
    • data/
      • schedule-table.json (generated)
    • phantom/
    • gulpfile.js
    • package.json


You can change the extension easily by ext option.

  • ext: '.txt'
  • trim: false Trim newline at the end of file: true or false (default)

Other options are the same as what's supported by phantomjs.

  • cookiesFile: <val> Sets the file name to store the persistent cookies
  • config: <val> Specifies JSON-formatted configuration file
  • debug: <val> Prints additional warning and debug message: 'true' or 'false' (default)
  • diskCache: <val> Enables disk cache: 'true' or 'false' (default)
  • ignoreSslErrors: <val> Ignores SSL errors (expired/self-signed certificate errors): 'true' or 'false' (default)
  • loadImages: <val> Loads all inlined images: 'true' (default) or 'false'
  • localStoragePath: <val> Specifies the location for offline local storage
  • localStorageQuota: <val> Sets the maximum size of the offline local storage (in KB)
  • localToRemoteUrlAccess: <val> Allows local content to access remote URL: 'true' or 'false' (default)
  • maxDiskCacheSize: <val> Limits the size of the disk cache (in KB)
  • outputEncoding: <val> Sets the encoding for the terminal output, default is 'utf8'
  • remoteDebuggerPort: <val> Starts the script in a debug harness and listens on the specified port
  • remoteDebuggerAutorun: <val> Runs the script in the debugger immediately: 'true' or 'false' (default)
  • proxy: <val> Sets the proxy server, e.g. '--proxy='
  • proxyAuth: <val> Provides authentication information for the proxy, e.g. ''-proxy-auth=username:password'
  • proxyType: <val> Specifies the proxy type, 'http' (default), 'none' (disable completely), or 'socks5'
  • scriptEncoding: <val> Sets the encoding used for the starting script, default is 'utf8'
  • webSecurity: <val> Enables web security, 'true' (default) or 'false'
  • sslProtocol: <val> Sets the SSL protocol (supported protocols: 'SSLv3' (default), 'SSLv2', 'TLSv1', 'any')
  • sslCertificatesPath: <val> Sets the location for custom CA certificates (if none set, uses system default)
  • help Shows this message and quits
  • version Prints out PhantomJS version


  • node-phantom is another approach for PhantomJS. You can send commands from Node to PhantomJS via sockets.
  • gulp-spawn is recommended plugin for calling shell from gulp. But it needs some tricks to use with PhantomJS.

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