Filter vinyl files with glob patterns, string, regexp, array, object or matcher function. micromatch stream.
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$ cnpm install gulp-micromatch 
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gulp-micromatch The MIT License

Filter vinyl files with glob patterns, string, regexp, array, object or matcher function. micromatch stream.

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npm i gulp-micromatch --save
npm test


For more use-cases see the tests

var gulp = require('gulp')
var micromatch = require('gulp-micromatch')

// options to pass to `micromatch`
var opts = {
  dot: true,
  matchBase: true

gulp.src(['*.md', '*.js', '*.txt', '*.json'])
  .pipe(micromatch('*.(js|json)', opts))
  .pipe(through2.obj(function(file, enc, next) {
    // a.js
    // b.json
    // c.json


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Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
But before doing anything, please read the guidelines.

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