A command-line tool for sending lists of Spotify songs to Grooveshark
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$ cnpm install gstool 
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A command-line tool for moving Spotify playlists to Grooveshark.

An API key for is required. You can get one here emailed to you instantly.


npm install -g gstool


$ gstool -i songs.txt
Enter Grooveshark username: raneksi
Enter Grooveshark password:
Read 566 track(s) from the file
Enter a name for the playlist: my playlist
Authenticated with Grooveshark successfully
Fetching track metadata... [=============================] 100% 566/566
Done! 493 of 566 tracks found on Grooveshark
Created a new playlist with 493 tracks:!/playlist/my+playlist/84837484


Usage: gstool [options]


-h, --help                 output usage information
-V, --version              output the version number
-i, --input <file>         read spotify playlist from a file
-u, --username <username>  grooveshark username
-p, --password <password>  grooveshark password
-k, --tinysong-key <key>   tinysong API key (
-l, --playlist <name>      name of the playlist
-v, --verbose              verbose output

Tinysong rate-limiting

Tinysong API is used to find Grooveshark equivalents for the tracks. As it happens, Tinysong is pretty aggressive in its rate-limiting, allowing around a few hundred calls per day. You can email and they will most likely increase the limit for your API key.

This is very inconvenient and if I learn about a workaround I will look into it.

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