Grunt task to compile CoffeeScript to Javascript with JSCoverage-compatible instrumentation for code coverage
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$ cnpm install grunt-coffeecov 
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Grunt CoffeeCov

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Grunt CoffeeCov is a Grunt task wrapper for CoffeeCoverage. CoffeeCoverage compiles .coffee files to .js files and adds JSCoverage style instrumentation for the original CoffeeScript.

For more information, I recommend consulting the CoffeeCoverage README.



$ npm install grunt-coffeecov --save-dev


Create a coffeecov section in your Gruntfile.

      src: 'src/coffee'
      dest: 'lib-cov'


      path: 'relative'
        initfile: 'lib-cov/coverage.js'
      src: 'src/coffee'
      dest: 'lib-cov'

You can find a real example in Footguard, a Yeoman generator for creating a single page application with CoffeeScript, Sass, Backbone and Require. Test-footguard is an "out of the box" project generated with Footguard; you can read the Gruntfile and try the project.

If you use Mocha for your tests, I recommend using grunt-phantom-coverage-reporter. It's fully compatible with this task and Coveralls.




type: String

Path to source folder


type: String

Path to destination folder



type: String - default: '_$jscoverage'

By default, CoffeeCoverage will instrument source files with the global variable _$jscoverage. This is done to mimic JSCoverage. You can rename the variable using this option.


type: String

Specifies an "initfile" which all global initalization is written to. This is handy for testing with Mocha. If you require the initfile, then Mocha reports will show coverage of all files in your project, even files which were never required anywhere.


type: Array - default: ['node_modules', '.git']

Specifies a comma-delimited list of files and directories to exclude from processing. This defaults to ['node_modules', '.git'], since neither of these are directories you probably want to be instrumenting. If you want to also exclude your "test" directory, you might run CoffeeCoverage with ['node_modules', '.git', 'test'].


type: String - default: 'none'

Path can be given one of three different parameters:

  • none is the default - if CoffeeCoverage reads a file from "src/models/", then the instrumented code will use the filename "". This works well provided you don't reuse filenames elsewhere in your code. Note that if there is a name collision between two files in different subdirectories, CoffeeCoverage will append a something to the end of one to make it unique, otherwise coverage data from one file would interfere with data from another.
  • abbr will use abbreviated path names; a file from "src/models/" will be instrumented as "s/m/".
  • relative will use the full relative pathname; "src/models/".

Paths are always relative to the src directory provided on Grunt task.


Thanks to Benbria for CoffeeCoverage.

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