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$ cnpm install grt-scaffold 
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It was wrote with NodeJS with Sails.js Framework.

For installation on your project just add using npm:

$ cd your project
$ npm install grt-scaffold

How to use?

$ cd your project/node_modules/grt-scaffold
$ node grt-scaffold.js -d controller:../../api/controllers -d view:../../views -a -t twitter -f ../../api/models/yourModel.js

List of options commands:

Usage: grt-scaffold [options] [option value] type
Attention: Remeber to enable the Bootstrap in your layout

       --version       Display the current version.
   -h, --help          Display help and usage details.
   -t  --type	       View type of Bootstrap
   -c  --controller    Generate Controller
   -v  --view	       Generate View
   -a  --all	       Generate all
   -f  --file          File to read
   -d  --dest	       Parameter to destination dir ( colon [view|controller] ) Ex: Controller,View

Option Value:

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