Create releases in GitHub using release notes from a Jira version.
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$ cnpm install greleaser 
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Create releases in GitHub using release notes from a Jira version.

Turn this


Into this



  • Install with npm install -g greleaser
  • Set the necessary environment variables.
export JIRA_ORGNAME='myjiraorg'
export JIRA_PASSWORD='jirapassowrd'
export GITHUB_PASSWORD='githubpassword'
export GITHUB_ORG_NAME='mygithuborg'

Note that if you use 2FA on GitHub, you'll need to use a personal access with the repo scope in place of your GitHub password.

Basic Use


  • How's does Releaser know what GitHub repository to use for a release?

You specify the GitHub project name on the command line with the -g argument.

  • What commit is tagged for a release?

By default, the master branch is tagged, but you can choose a different commit with the -c command line argument.

The tag name will be the version number pulled from the Jira version name. For example, if your Jira version is named v1.0, then the GitHub tag will be named v1.0. You can override the tag name with the -t option.

  • What should my Jira releases be name?

You can name your Jira releases however you like, but Releaser is going to split the name on a space and use the last result in that array.

For example: v1.0 in Jira becomes v1.0 in GitHub API v1.0 becomes v1.0 in GitHub v1.0 API becaomse API in GitHub

If this doesn't suit you, you can pass different release and tag names with the -r and -t options respectively.

  • What other command line options are available?
greleaser -h
  • Why does Releaser use pupetteer to get the Jira version release notes?

Release notes are not available in the Jira Cloud REST API.


  • Release Jira version 10001 in project 10003 to my-github-project.
greleaser -p 10003 -v 10001 -g my-github-project
  • Release Jira version 10001 with a name of v1.0 in project 10003 to my-github-project, tag commit dca12345, tag the commit as version1 and call the release My Release.
greleaser -p 10003 -v 10001 -g my-github-project -c dca12345 -t version1 -r "My Release"


  • [ ] Tests
  • [ ] CI
  • [ ] Gitlab support
  • [ ] Support Jira version search



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