📟 Manage your GraphQL backend from your terminal
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$ cnpm install graphcool-cli-beta 
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???? Manage your GraphQL backend from your terminal


  • Instantly setup a production-ready GraphQL backend
  • Edit your schema locally and version control changes via GraphQL SDL
  • Supports multi-stage environment workflows


Watch this video tutorial ???? to get started with the CLI and follow the frontend quickstart guide.

# Create a new GraphQL backend
graphcool init

# Edit `project.graphcool` to change schema and push updates using...
graphcool push

Check out the CLI in action:


Installs the global graphcool command via NPM (or Yarn).

npm install -g graphcool


  Serverless GraphQL backend for frontend developers (
  Usage: graphcool [command]

    init          Create a new project
    push          Push project file changes
    pull          Download the latest project file
    export        Export project data
    endpoints     Print GraphQL endpoints
    console       Open Graphcool Console
    playground    Open GraphQL Playground
    projects      List projects
    auth          Sign up or login
    version       Print version
  Run 'graphcool COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.
  - Initialize a new Graphcool project
    $ graphcool init
  - Local setup of an existing project
    $ graphcool pull -p <project-id | alias>
  - Update live project with local changes
    $ graphcool push


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