Slack-integrated Hubot to interact (read-only) with Bungie's Destiny API. Based on
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$ cnpm install glzd-slack-destiny-bot 
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A slack-specific Hubot integration to interact (read-only) with the Bungie Destiny API. Forked from Chris Prater's version here.

A Hubot slack adapter is needed to operate.

Note: This project is mostly a personal learning exercise for me in Hubot/Slack-integration/GitHub/Destiny API and to a lesser extent CoffeeScript. So until I get some things sorted I'll probably not be considering pull requests. Thanks.


  • `<bot-name> grimoire <xbl|psn|<blank>> <gamertag> - Returns specified player's Grimoire score
  • `<bot-name> last played <xbl|psn|<blank>> <gamertag> - Returns specified player's last played character and light level
  • `<bot-name> inventory <xbl|psn|<blank>> <gamertag> - Returns specified player's last played character's equipped inventory
  • `<bot-name> vendor xur - Returns Xur's inventory, or a warning when he isn't available
  • `<bot-name> where is xur|xur location - Returns Xur's location, or a warning when he isn't available


You will need to have Hubot setup with the slack-adapter

Run the following command

$ npm install glzd-slack-destiny-bot

Then to make sure the dependencies are installed:

$ npm install

To enable the script, add a glzd-slack-destiny-bot entry to the external-scripts.json file (you may need to create this file).


You will need to get a BUNGIE_API_KEY which you can get here.

You will need to set the key as an environment variable wherever you plan to host your Hubot.

For example, on Heroku:

heroku config:set BUNGIE_API_KEY=<your-key>

What's New

  • Bungie "membershipId" now cached after first request, reducing HTTP GET calls
  • Support for Xbox Live (xbl) and PlayStation Network (psn) players. Commands default to xbl when platform not specified. Default platform can be specified as environment variable DEFAULT_PLATFORM_CODE. Resolution order is user input -> environment variable -> default (Xbox One)
  • Xur's inventory command now fails a bit more gracefully when Xur is away
  • When Xur is around, his location can now be retrieved - via
  • Bot command renames, more to follow

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