Best and fastest file globbing solution for Node.js - can use **any** glob library like `glob`, `globby` or `fast-glob`! Streaming, Promise and Hook APIs, with built in caching layer using `cacache`. Makes you Instant Fast™.
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Best and fastest file globbing solution for Node.js - can use any glob library like glob, globby or fast-glob! Streaming, Promise and Hook APIs, with built in caching layer using cacache. Makes you Instant Fast™.

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Table of Contents

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This project requires Node.js >=10.18 (see Support & Release Policy). Install it using yarn or npm.
We highly recommend to use Yarn when you think to contribute to this project.

$ yarn add glob-cache


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A mirror of and so an "async generator" function, returning an AsyncIterable. This mirror exists because it's a common practice to have a (globPatterns, options) signature.


function(patterns, options)


  • patterns {string|Array} - string or array of glob patterns
  • options {object} - see options


const globCache = require('glob-cache');

const iterable = globCache(['src/*.js', 'test/*.{js,ts}'], {
  cwd: './foo/bar',

// equivalent to

const iter ={
  include: ['src/*.js', 'test/*.{js,ts}'],
  cwd: './foo/bar',

Match files and folders with glob patterns, by default using fast-glob's .stream(). This function is async generator and returns "async iterable", so you can use the for await ... of loop. Note that this loop should be used inside an async function. Each item is a Context object, which is also passed to each hook.




  • options.cwd {string} - working directory, defaults to process.cwd()
  • options.include {string|Array} - string or array of string glob patterns
  • options.patterns {string|Array} - alias of options.include
  • options.exclude {string|Array} - ignore glob patterns, passed to options.globOptions.ignore
  • options.ignore {string|Array} - alias of options.exclude
  • options.hooks {object} - an object with hooks functions, each hook passed with Context
  • options.hooks.found {Function} - called when a cache for a file is found
  • options.hooks.notFound {Function} - called when file is not found in cache (usually the first hit)
  • options.hooks.changed {Function} - called always when source file differs the cache file
  • options.hooks.notChanged {Function} - called when both source file and cache file are "the same"
  • options.hooks.always {Function} - called always, no matter of the state
  • options.glob {Function} - a function (patterns, options) => {} or globbing library like glob, globby, fast-glob
  • options.globOptions {object} - options passed to the options.glob library
  • options.cacheLocation {string} - a filepath location of the cache, defaults to .cache/glob-cache in options.cwd
  • returns {AsyncIterable}


const globCache = require('glob-cache');

(async () => {
  // Using the Stream API
  const iterable ={
    include: 'src/*.js',
    cacheLocation: './foo-cache',

  for await (const ctx of iterable) {


Using the Promise API allows you to use the Hooks API, and it's actually the recommended way of using the hooks api. By default, if the returned promise resolves, it will be an empty array. That's intentional, because if you are using the hooks api it's unnecessary to pollute the memory putting huge objects to a "result array". So if you want results array to contain the Context objects you can pass buffered: true option.




  • options {object} - see options, in addition here we have options.buffered too
  • options.buffered {boolean} - if true returned array will contain Context objects, default false
  • returns {Promise} - if options.buffered: true resolves to Array<Context>, otherwise empty array


const globCache = require('glob-cache');
const globby = require('globby');

(async () => {
  // Using the Hooks API and ``
  const res = await globCache.promise({
    include: 'src/*.js',
    cacheLocation: './.cache/awesome-cache',
    hooks: {
      changed(ctx) {},
      always(ctx) {},
  console.log(res); // => []

  // Using the Promise API
  const results = await globCache.promise({
    include: 'src/*.js',
    exclude: 'src/bar.js',
    buffered: true,

  console.log(results); // => [Context, Context, ...]

Context and how it works

Each context contains a { file, cacheFile, cacheLocation, cacache } and more properties. The file one represents the fresh file loaded from the system, the cacheFile represents the file from the cache. Both has path, size and integrity properties, plus more.

The cacheFile can be null if it's the first hit (not found in cache), in such case the ctx.notFound will be true and on next runs this will be false. When using the Hooks API, the options.hooks.notFound() or options.hooks.found() will be called.

Important to note is that cacheFile don't have a contents property, but has path which points to the place of the cache file on the disk.

The interesting one is the ctx.changed. This one is the reason for the whole existance of this module. If both the "source" file and cache file are the same (based on cacache), e.g. same size and integrity (which means the contents/shasum are equal), then ctx.changed === false, otherwise this will be true. Simply said, when you change your file(s) matched by a the given glob pattern(s), then it will be ctx.changed === true and the options.hooks.changed() will be called. Depending on whether it's the first call or not, either options.hooks.found or options.hooks.notFound will also be called.

If you are using the Hooks API (e.g. globCache.promise plus options.hooks), there is also one more key point and that's that we have options.hooks.always hook function, which might be useful if you want more control, and so you can decide what to do or make more additional checks - for example, listen the mtime - or track the dependencies of the file. Tracking dependencies is something that some test runner may benefit.

Because all that, we also expose cacache to the Context, so you can update or clean the cache - it's up to you.

Example Context (the options.hooks.changed, options.hooks.notFound and options.hooks.always hooks are called)

  file: {
    path: '/home/charlike/github/tunnckoCore/opensource/packages/glob-cache/test/index.js',
    contents: <Buffer 27 75 73 65 20 73 74 72 69 63 74 27 3b 0a 0a 63 6f 6e 73 74 20 70 61 74 68 20 3d 20 72 65 71 75 69 72 65 28 27 70 61 74 68 27 29 3b 0a 63 6f 6e 73 74 ... 350 more bytes>,
    size: 427,
    integrity: 'sha512-p5daDYwu9vhNNjT9vfRrWHXIwwlPxeqeub4gs3qMZ88J//ONUH7Je2Muu9o+MxjA1Fv3xwbgkBdjcHgdj7ar4A=='
  cacheFile: null,
  cacheLocation: '/home/charlike/github/tunnckoCore/opensource/packages/glob-cache/test/fixture-cache',
  cacache: { /* cacache instance */ },
  changed: true,
  notFound: true

And when you run it more times (with no changes), the cacheFile will not be null anymore, like so

  file: {
    path: '/home/charlike/github/tunnckoCore/opensource/packages/glob-cache/test/index.js',
    contents: <Buffer 27 75 73 65 20 73 74 72 69 63 74 27 3b 0a 0a 63 6f 6e 73 74 20 70 61 74 68 20 3d 20 72 65 71 75 69 72 65 28 27 70 61 74 68 27 29 3b 0a 63 6f 6e 73 74 ... 350 more bytes>,
    size: 427,
    integrity: 'sha512-p5daDYwu9vhNNjT9vfRrWHXIwwlPxeqeub4gs3qMZ88J//ONUH7Je2Muu9o+MxjA1Fv3xwbgkBdjcHgdj7ar4A=='
  cacheFile: {
    key: '/home/charlike/github/tunnckoCore/opensource/packages/glob-cache/test/index.js',
    integrity: 'sha512-p5daDYwu9vhNNjT9vfRrWHXIwwlPxeqeub4gs3qMZ88J//ONUH7Je2Muu9o+MxjA1Fv3xwbgkBdjcHgdj7ar4A=='
    path: '/home/charlike/github/tunnckoCore/opensource/packages/glob-cache/fixture-cache/content-v2/sha512/78/84/a154130fdefee002a708cee1ae570db54b1a278fed9b7a3847c73b2545bd48947c2cd192d365f9d87653f098f80d98b4ee37923ba467dbc314acf0f42e39',
    size: 427,
    stat: Stat {}
    time: 1579561781331,
    metadata: undefined
  cacheLocation: '/home/charlike/github/tunnckoCore/opensource/packages/glob-cache/fixture-cache',
  cacache: { /* cacache instance */ },
  changed: false,
  notFound: false

As you can see above, both the file.integrity and cacheFile.integrity are the same, also the size, so the both files are equal (and so ctx.changed: false) - the options.hooks.notChanged will be called.

Below example shows usage of changed hook and Workers.

const globCache = require('glob-cache')
const JestWorker = require('jest-worker');

let worker = null;

(async () => {
  await globCache.promise({
    include: 'packages/*/src/**/*.js'
    hooks: {
      async changed(ctx) {
        // If we are here, it's either the first run, or
        // only when there's a difference between the actual file and the cache file.
        // So we can, for example, call our worker/runner or whatever here.
        worker =
          worker ||
          new JestWorker(require.resolve('./my-awesome-worker-or-runner.js'), {
            numWorkers: 7,
            forkOptions: { stdio: 'inherit' },

        await worker.default(ctx);
        await worker.end();

Above you're looking on a basic solution similar to what's done in Jest with the difference that Jest can detect changes only if it's a Git project. At least the --onlyChanged works that way (with Git requirement) - which isn't a big problem of course since mostly every project is using Git, but anyway.

The point is, that you can do whatever you want in custom conditions based on your preferences and needs.

In above example you may wonder why we are instatiating JestWorker inside the if statement. That's because if you instantiate it before the call of globCache (where is the let worker assignment) then you have no way to end the worker in any meaningful and easy way.

Similar implementation you can see in the hela-eslint-workers branch where using glob-cache we are trying to speed up ESLint a bit, by putting eslint.executeOnFiles or eslint.executeOnText inside a worker. The thing is that it doesn't help much, because ESLint is just slow - for the same reason even the jest-runner-eslint doesn't help much with performance. The complexity in ESLint is O(n) - the more configs and plugins you have in your config, the more slow it will run even on a single file - it's inevitable and a huge problem. I'm not saying all that just to hate. It's just because of the synchornous design of ESLint and the way it works. A big pain point is not only that it exposes & uses only sync methods, but also the architecture of resolving huge amount of configs and plugins. That may change if RFC#9 is accepted, for which I have big hopes. Even if it's accepted it will take few major releases.

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Released under the MPL-2.0 License.

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