Automatically create a namespace of lazy-imported modules from the filesystem, by using glob patterns.
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$ cnpm install glob-autoload 
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glob-autoload [Proof of concept]

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Use glob patterns to automatically create a namespace of lazy-imported modules from the filesystem.

Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Getting started
  3. API
  4. Options



> npm i glob-autoload

Getting started

Disclaimer: This is a proof-of-concept project, and will be until v0.1, You can help on a RC by providing feedback about the implementation.

Any kind of contributing is more than welcome!

Import this package and create an instance by passing an Options object, then call the load() method on it.

// /src/config/app.js
module.exports = { version: "1.0" };

// /src/index.js
import Autoloader from "glob-autoload";

const loader = new Autoloader({
  cwd: __directory,
  namespace: {
    controllers: "./**/*Controller.js",
    config: ["./config/*.js", "./*.config.js"]
  ignore: ["./controllers/BaseController.js"]

loader.load((err, namespace) => {
  if (err) throw err;

  // Since modules are assigned as getters on each namespace
  // the require() function shall only resolve, until once the getter
  // has been accessed.
  // So require("./config/app.js") won't be fired until the below
  // statement runs, and then it will always hit require.cache on
  // subsequent calls.
  const version = namespace.config["config/app"].version;
  console.log(version === "1.0");


loader.load(readyFn: function)

Resolves all the globs passed to the namespace option and fires the given readyFn callback.

readyFn(err, namespace)

An error-first callback to be fired after the load method resolved all the globs.

  • err: an error is assigned to this argument if something bad happened
  • namespace: an object containing a dictionary of namespaces, whose values are another dictionary of file paths (key) and file contents (value), as key: value respectively.


const loader = new Autoloader({
  namespace: {
    config: "./config/*.js"

loader.load((err, namespace) => {
  if (err) throw err;
  // namespace =
  // {
  //   config: {
  //     "config/app" = { version: "1.0" }
  //   }
  // }

  const version = namespace.config["config/app"].version;
  console.log(version === "1.0");


new Autoload(AutoloadOptions)

cwd (path string)

The root directory to start autoloading from.

This option is mandatory

namespace ({})

Key-value store of namespaces and their respective glob strings

ignore (string|string[])

String or Array of globs to prevent matching files from being actually matched.

onlyFiles: true (Boolean)

Return only files

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