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$ cnpm install gl-isosurface3d 
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Visualization module for isosurfaces.


var createScene      = require('gl-plot3d')
var createIsosurface = require('gl-isosurface3d')

var scene = createScene()

var width = 64
var height = 64
var depth = 64

var data = new Uint16Array(width*height*depth)
for (var z=0; z<depth; z++)
for (var y=0; y<height; y++)
for (var x=0; x<width; x++) {
	var value = 1500 + 500 * (
		Math.sin(3 * 2*Math.PI*(z/depth-0.5)) +
		Math.cos(4 * 2*Math.PI*(x/width-0.5)) +
		Math.sin(5 * 2*Math.PI*(h/height-0.5))
	data[z*height*width + y*width + x] = value

var dims = [width, height, depth]
var bounds = [[0,0,0], [width, height, depth]]

var isoPlot = createIsosurface({
	values: data,
	dimensions: dims,
	isoBounds: [1600, 2000],
	vertexIntensityBounds: [1000, 2000],
	smoothNormals:  true,
	isoCaps: true,
	singleMesh: false,
	colormap: 'portland',
	capsColormap: 'jet'
}, bounds)

var mesh = createIsosurface.createTriMesh(gl, isoPlot)
var capMesh = createIsosurface.createTriMesh(gl, isoPlot.caps)


Try out the example in your browser


npm i gl-isosurface3d

Basic interface


var isosurface = require('gl-isosurface3d')(params, bounds)

Creates an isosurface out of a 3D array.

  • params is an object that has the following properties:

    • values (Required) An flattened 3D array of values
    • dimensions (Required) The dimensions of the array
    • isoBounds (Recommended) The range of values to envelop with the isosurface. Defaults to [1, Infinity], which creates an isosurface that has all values 1 and larger inside it.
    • vertexIntensityBounds (Optional) The range of values to map to [0..1] intensities. Defaults to the minimum and maximum values of the values array.
    • smoothNormals (Optional) Generate vertex normals for the isosurface. Defaults to false.
    • isoCaps (Optional) Generate caps for the isosurface. Defaults to false.
    • singleMesh (Optional) Merge isosurface and isocap meshes into a single mesh. Defaults to false, in which case the isocap mesh is stored in isoPlot.caps.
    • colormap Name of the colormap to use for coloring the isosurface.
    • capsColormap Name of the colormap to use for coloring the isocaps when using singleMesh = false. Defaults to the isosurface colormap.
  • bounds is a bounds object that tells what part of the 3D array to display. It defaults to [[0, 0, 0], [width, height, depth]].

Returns An isosurface object that can be passed to isosurface3d.createTriMesh.

var drawable = require('gl-isosurface3d').createTriMesh(params)

Creates a drawable out of the isosurface triangle data. This is a version of gl-mesh3d optimized for fast loading of unindexed triangle meshes.

  • params is an object that has the following properties:

    • gl A reference to the WebGL context
    • positions (Required) Vertex positions array for the mesh, encoded as a flat Float32Array.
    • vertexNormals (Required) Vertex normals for the mesh, encoded as a flat Float32Array.
    • vertexIntensity Intensities of the vertices, used for intensity texture lookups.
    • colormap Name of the colormap to use for coloring the vertices.
    • vertexIntensityBounds intensity range for the colormap
    • ambientLight ambient light color * intensity
    • diffuseLight diffuse light color * intensity
    • specularLight specular light color
    • lightPosition location of light
    • roughness surface roughness
    • fresnel surface glossiness/"rim light" factor
    • opacity surface opacity

Returns A drawable object that can be drawn on the passed gl context with drawable.draw(cameraParams);


(c) 2013-2017 Mikola Lysenko, Ilmari Heikkinen. MIT License

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