Compare two gl-fbo instances' contents for matching pixels.
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$ cnpm install gl-fbo-matching 
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gl-fbo-matching experimental

Compare two gl-fbo instances' contents for matching pixels. There are certainly smarter ways of doing this but this is the simplest :)



channels = matching(fbo1, fbo2, [threshold])

Returns an array of values: one for each channel (RGBA). A value of 1 means that all of the pixels in fbo1 match those in fbo2, and a value of 0 means that none of them do.

Optionally, you can pass in a threshold value to limit the comparison's sensitivity – effectively, setting the maximum distance between two pixels' values before considering that pixel matching. Defaults to 0.

Note that using this function will result in gl.bindFramebuffer(gl.FRAMEBUFFER, null) being called.


MIT. See for details.

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