List files in a github folder without api, fetching or html parsing!
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$ cnpm install github-ls 
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github-ls offers an JavaScript-only way to list the files in a github repository.

  • It needs no Github Token, because it doesn't use the API which has a rate limit.
  • It does not fetch the data, because it doesn't use git fetching
  • It does not parse the html, like suggested

How it works

Github supports svn which is awesome because svn accesses its repository over https. github-ls implements the specific subset of svn's http protocol to list files in a folder.

Installation & Usage

$ npm i github-ls -g
$ github-ls martinheidegger/github-ls

JavaScript Usage

The github-ls command can also be used as a package (npm i github-ls --save):

var githubLs = require('github-ls')
githubLs('martinheidegger/github-ls', function (error, fileList) {
    if (error) {
        return console.log(error)
    fileList.forEach(function (file) {

Advanced Usage

Its easily possible to use branches, just specify them: (Note: test is a branch in the example)

$ github-ls martinheidegger/github-ls/tree/test

If you specify branches you can also specify folders: (Note: the first test is the branch, the second is the folder test in the branch)

$ github-ls martinheidegger/github-ls/tree/test/test

In case you simply want to copy the url from github, you can also just pass in the full url:

$ github-ls

Github API support

The listing of files through svn is in my experience - suprisingly - faster than through the github api (still both are way very slow). However: the github file listings of github-ls tend to have a latency issue. It takes a little bit of time until the github changes are reflected in the svn variant. More importantly, the access to the files using is cached for several minutes! In order to get accurate and up-to-date files github-ls also supports the use of the github api to lookup files.

Github API in the Command Line

All you have to do in the command line is to specify the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN:

$ env GITHUB_TOKEN="6522-this-is-not-a-token-52bf8226de22868" github-ls martinheidegger/github-ls

Github API with JavaScript

Instantiate a github4 client and pass it in as second parameter to github-ls. Note: This requires a version of github4 that includes PR#97.

var Client = require('github4')
var client = new Client({
    version: '3.0.0',
    headers: {
        'user-agent': 'my-app-user-agent' 
github-ls('martinheidegger/github-ls', client, function (err, list) {
    // process the list


Right now it should basically work but the error messages might be wildly unhelpful. If you find any problem, please don't hesitate to post an issue or create a Pull Request.


To run the tests you need to have a test_auth.json file in your project folder that contains a valid github token. Example:

    "token": "6522-this-is-not-a-token-52bf8226de22868"


I would like to thank s9tpepper for helping me find a good way and motivating me. I also would like to say that I wouldn't have had the idea without the push from fforres, bnb and dinodsaurus that work with me on nodeschool-admin and iancrowther who motivates me to work on nodeschool in general.

github-ls builds on the great work of hyperquest, cheerio and stream-to-array without those libraries it would have been way more work! You guys rock!

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