find the public keys of a given github user
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$ cnpm install github-keys 
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github-keys is a simple module that finds the public keys of a given Github user. Its code is based on a private function in substack/cipherhub, however github-keys maintains a streaming API and doesn’t filter the returned keys.

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$ npm install [-g] github-keys


var keys = require('github-keys')
var through = require('through2')

  function (key, enc, next) {


Sometimes you just want all the keys in an array, so github-keys provides an alternate endpoint to facilitate that use-case.

var keys = require('github-keys/all')

keys('alice', function (err, array) {
Running the usage examples

To run either of these examples in node or the browser, use the following commands:

# node
$ npm run example
$ npm run example-all

# browser, obviously
$ npm run example-browser
$ npm run example-all-browser

Because Github doesn’t support CORS for the /{user}.keys endpoint, github-keys needs to go through a reverse proxy in order to work in the browser. This is easily configured, however, with the browserify transform, envify:

$ CORS_PROXY='' browserify -t envify program.js > bundle.js

Command-line usage

If you install github-keys with the -g flag, you can access the command-line version:

$ github-keys {username}



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