github-jira-pr ======== ``` Create GitHub PRs from JIRA tickets
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$ cnpm install github-jira-pr 
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Create GitHub PRs from JIRA tickets

  $ github-jira-pr

  -b, --base-branch=base-branch              (required) [default: master] base branch for PR
  -h, --help                                 show CLI help
  -t, --ticket-id=ticket-id                  (required) jira ticket ID
  --github-access-token=github-access-token  (required) github access token
  --jira-access-token=jira-access-token      (required) jira access token
  --jira-email=jira-email                    (required) email address associated with jira
  --jira-host=jira-host                      custom host for jira (i.e.
  --pr-title=pr-title                        custom PR title

How does it work?

github-jira-pr will pull the title of the JIRA ticket and assign it as the PR title. Additionally, each PR title will be prefixed with the ticket ID in square brackets (i.e. [BUY-123] Fix app crashes).

Also, the PR description will include a link to the JIRA ticket.



Download latest binary here:


$ npm i github-jira-pr

Integrate with Git

Easily integrate with git by using this script:


github-jira-pr \
--github-access-token <GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN> \
--jira-access-token <JIRA_ACCESS_toKEN> \
--jira-email <JIRA_EMAIL> \
--jira-host <JIRA_HOST> \

Save the above script as git-jira-pr and save it somewhere in your PATH so git can pick it up. You can now use github-jira-pr in the following manner:

$ git jira-pr -b development -t BUY-123

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