CLI application to search for your good first issue
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$ cnpm install github-issue-cli 
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ghi - github-issue-cli

github-issue-cli(ghi) is CLI application to search for your good first issue.
This tool looks for issues that no one is working on.

Note: This tool is under development so if you use it, please be careful.

Getting started

At first, please install github-issue-cli globally

npm i -g github-issue-cli

Next, You will need to run a login subcommand to use ghi. (After installing github-issue-cli, you will be able to use ghi command.)

ghi login

The token you entered will be stored in ~/.ghirc.

Basic usage

You can list issues with good first issue label by using following command:

ghi list [org]/[repo]

For example, the following command will list good first issue in microsoft/TypeScript that no one is working on.

ghi list microsoft/TypeScript

Advanced topics

Saved queries

If you want to search for issues with label other than good first issue, you can use saved queries. Currently, in order to add or change a saved query, edit the ~/.ghirc directly.

.ghirc is a JSON file. When you execute the login command, it will be automatically generated with the following keys.

  "token": "xxx",
  "login": "yyy"

To register a custom query, add a queries field like this:

   "token": "xxx",
   "login": "yyy"
+  "queries": {
+    "*/*": {
+      "for all repository": "label:Bug"
+    },
+    "Leko/*": {
+      "for specified owner/org repositories": "no:assignee -label:bug"
+    },
+    "microsoft/TypeScript": {
+      "for specified repository": "label:\"good first issue\" label:\"help wanted\" -label:\"In Discussion\" label:\"Experience Enhancement\""
+    }
+  }

Specify the repository name directly under the queries field. You can also specify wildcards using an asterisk (*).
When executing the list command, if there are multiple queries that match the repository specified in its argument, select which query to execute.


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Write your code
  3. Run tests
  4. Create pull request to master branch


git clone
cd github-issue-cli
npm i

npx ts-node -T src/app.ts


This package under MIT license.

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