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$ cnpm install github-bugspots 
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github-bugspots is based on bugspots which is an implementation of the simple bug prediction heuristic outlined by the Google Engineering team (Bug Predition at Google).
The difference is that github-bugspots is customised for GitHub, and github-bugspots's featues are as follows.


  • works only on GitHub.
  • is same logic as bugspots. (However, the implementation method is difference, so result scores are just little difference.)
  • does not require to git clone the repositories before predictions.
  • internally works by using GitHub API.


bugspots is very useful tool for getting the bug prediction.
However, to use bugspots, you must install it in local computer and git clone the target repository. Furthermore, it is not a library, so it is not easy to use in your program.

I want to use easily, for example, in web application.
Therefore, github-bugspots is made of Node.js. And github-bugspots has two interfaces, one is a cli, another is a library.

How to use for cli

$ npm install -g github-bugspots
$ github-bugspots --help
$ github-bugspots target_organization target_repository your_token

How to use for library

$ npm install --save github-bugspots
const Bugspots = require('github-bugspots');

new Bugspots(organization, repository, token).analyze(branch, regex)
  .then(function (data) {


github-bugspots internally uses GitHub API.
So that, when you use github-bugspots for many repositories or repositories including many commits in a short time, you will be restricted for GitHub API rate limiting and occurs errors.
See details here.

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