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stream-js is the official JavaScript client for Stream, a web service for building scalable newsfeeds and activity streams. The full documentation is available on Note that there is also a higher level Node integration which hooks into your ORM.


Install from NPM

npm install getstream

Install using bower

bower install getstream

Install by downloading the JS file

JS / Minified JS

Using with React Native

For use with React Native be sure to use webpack as your bundler. For a bootstrap project for React native and webpack see this project


var stream = require('getstream');
// Instantiate a new client (server side)
client = stream.connect('YOUR_API_KEY', 'API_KEY_SECRET');
// Optionally supply the app identifier and an object specifying the data center to use
client = stream.connect('YOUR_API_KEY', 'API_KEY_SECRET', 'APP_ID', { location: 'us-west' });
// Instantiate a new client (client side)
client = stream.connect('YOUR_API_KEY');
// Find your API keys here

// Instantiate a feed object server side
user1 = client.feed('user', '1');
// Instantiate a feed object client side
// Generate a feed's token using server side signing
user1 = client.feed('user', '1', 'FEED_TOKEN');

// Get activities from 5 to 10 (slow pagination)
user1.get({limit:5, offset:5}, callback);
// (Recommended & faster) Filter on an id less than a given UUID
user1.get({limit:5, id_lt:"e561de8f-00f1-11e4-b400-0cc47a024be0"});

// All API calls are performed asynchronous and return a Promise object
user1.get({limit:5, id_lt:"e561de8f-00f1-11e4-b400-0cc47a024be0"})
	.then(function(body) { /* on success */ })
	.catch(function(reason) { /* on failure, reason.error contains an explanation */ });

// Create a new activity
activity = {'actor': 1, 'verb': 'tweet', 'object': 1, 'foreign_id': 'tweet:1'};
// Create a bit more complex activity
activity = {'actor': 1, 'verb': 'run', 'object': 1, 'foreign_id': 'run:1',
	'course': {'name': 'Golden Gate park', 'distance': 10},
	'participants': ['Thierry', 'Tommaso'],
	'started_at': new Date()

// Remove an activity by its id
// or remove by the foreign id
user1.removeActivity({foreignId: 'tweet:1'});

// mark a notification feed as read
notification1 = client.feed('notification', '1');
var params = {mark_read: true};

// mark a notification feed as seen
var params = {mark_seen:true};

// Follow another feed
user1.follow('flat', '42');

// Stop following another feed
user1.unfollow('flat', '42');

// Stop following another feed while keeping previously published activities
// from that feed
user1.unfollow('flat', '42', { keepHistory: true });

// Follow another feed without copying the history
user1.follow('flat', '42', { limit: 0 });

// List followers, following
user1.followers({limit: '10', offset: '10'});
user1.following({limit: '10', offset: '0'});

// all methods support callback as the last argument
user1.follow('flat', '42');

// adding multiple activities
activities = [
	{'actor': 1, 'verb': 'tweet', 'object': 1},
	{'actor': 2, 'verb': 'tweet', 'object': 3},

// specifying additional feeds to push the activity to using the to param
// especially usefull for notification style feeds
to = ['user:2', 'user:3'];
activity = {'to': to, 'actor': 1, 'verb': 'tweet', 'object': 1, 'foreign_id': 'tweet:1'};

// adding one activity to multiple feeds
var feeds = ['flat:1', 'flat:2', 'flat:3', 'flat:4'];
activity = {
  'actor': 'User:2',
  'verb': 'pin',
  'object': 'Place:42',
  'target': 'Board:1'

client.addToMany(activity, feeds);

// Batch create follow relations (let flat:1 follow user:1, user:2 and user:3 feeds in one single request)
var follows = [
  {'source': 'flat:1', 'target': 'user:1'},
  {'source': 'flat:1', 'target': 'user:2'},
  {'source': 'flat:1', 'target': 'user:3'}


// creating a feed token server side
token = user1.token;
// passed to client via template or api and initialized as such
user1 = client.feed('user', '1', token);

// creating a read-only feed token server side
readonlyToken = client.getReadOnlyToken('user', '1');
// passed to client via template or api and initialized as such
user1 = client.feed('user', '1', readonlyToken);

// Create redirect urls
var impression = {
    'content_list': ['tweet:1', 'tweet:2', 'tweet:3'], 
    'user_data': 'tommaso', 
    'location': 'email',
    'feed_id': 'user:global'
var engagement = {
    'content': 'tweet:2', 
    'label': 'click',
    'position': 1, 
    'user_data': 'tommaso', 
    'location': 'email',
var events = [impression, engagement];
var redirectUrl = client.createRedirectUrl('', 'user_id', events);


Stream uses Faye for realtime notifications. Below is quick quide to subcribing to feed changes

var stream = require('getstream');
// NOTE: the site id is needed for subscribing
// server side example:
client = stream.connect('YOUR_API_KEY', 'API_KEY_SECRET', 'SITE_ID');
user1 = client.feed('user', '1');
// same two lines but client side (generate the feed token server side)
client = stream.connect('YOUR_API_KEY', null, 'SITE_ID');
user1 = client.feed('user', '1', 'feedtoken');
// subscribe to the changes
var subscription = user1.subscribe(function callback() {
	/* callback */
// now whenever something changes to the feed user 1
// the callback will be called

// To cancel a subscription you can call cancel on the
// object returned from a subscribe call.
// This will remove the listener from this channel.

Docs are available on


First, make sure you can run the test suite. Tests are run via Mocha

mocha test/integration/index.js test/unit/index.js
# browser version (needs to be build through gulp build:test)
# coverage
mocha test/cov.js -R html-cov > cov.html


Make sure your working directory is clean. And run:

npm install
npm version [ major | minor | patch ]
npm publish

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