Download listed files from a json array
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$ cnpm install get-all-the-things 
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Get All The Things!

Download listed files from a json array to given targets.


Well you might just want to download a big ol' list of files, or possibly something more adventurous?

For example, my site parses markdown files to create its articles and some of those articles incorporate github project readmes. So, in order to keep those localised readmes nice and fresh, I can run this script to bring down the up-to-date files and slot them into the necessary directories.


yarn add get-all-the-things


node node_modules/get-all-the-things/get-all-the-things.js


You'll need a get-all-these-things.json file in your project's root directory with structure similar to:

		"source": "",
		"target": "downloads/image-name",
		"retainFiletype": true
		"source": "",
		"target": "downloads/file-name.doc"

These are the available parameters for each item

Option Type Default Description
source string null Filepath from which to download
target string null Local destination filepath
retainFiletype bool false If the target filepath should be appended with the original file type

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