Scaffolds a modern workflow for starting a React app

Check out create-react-app instead!
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$ cnpm install generator-wbp 
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This generator was a way for me to start React projects more quickly. However, I since started using the awesome create-react-app, so I won't be maintaining this project anymore. I suggest you check it out!

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A Yeoman generator which provides a modern workflow for developing web apps and sites.

Heavily inspired by generator-gulp-webapp, but far more opinionated. I want to make this generator as hardcore as it can be, starting a new project should be a breeze.


See the current roadmap.

.babelrc is where you can set your Babel options globally, it will be picked up by both babel and babelify.

Getting Started

Install yo and generator-wbp globally:

❯ npm install --global yo generator-wbp

Now create a new directory for your project:

❯ mkdir my-webapp
❯ cd my-webapp

and run the generator to start scaffolding and installing dependencies:

❯ yo wbp


There are some shortcut scripts in the package.json that you can run using npm. There are a couple of benefits to this:

  • it's usually shorter to type
  • if I happen to switch to another task runner, the npm scripts will stay the same
  • when run like this, the gulp command actually uses the local gulp, so we don't have to worry about local and global versions matching or even installing it globally
  • we don't have to create a gulp task for other shell commands, like deployment in our case

Side note: I'm not entirely sure that it's ok to use npm scripts this way, but we're not going to be publishing the generated "package" (which is why private is set to true), so we might as well abuse them.

Start the local server at http://localhost:9000 and watch files for changes:

❯ npm start

Run tests:

❯ npm test

Make a compressed production-ready build:

❯ npm run build

Preview the build, make sure nothing is broken:

❯ npm run preview

Deploy to S3 using AWS CLI:

❯ npm run deploy

This script needs to be adjusted according to your S3 data, or replace it with another script if you're deploying to somewhere else.


See the contributing docs, interesting stuff.


MIT © Matija Marohnić

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