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This is a template project written with React.js.

React.js is a javascript library developed and used by Facebook which is known for the ease of creating web components.

React only takes care of the view, the presentational layer of the application.

So, in order to use it in production, it needs other helper libraries for handling XHR Requests and Data Flow.

And my choice for such libraries are Axios(XHR Request) and Redux(Data Flow).

Axios is a promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js and

Redux is a variation of Flux created by Dan Abramov which started with an idea of immutable states and having just one store for all data.

Here are a couple of good reads on Redux and it's smart and dumb components architecture.

The template uses MongoDB and Express.js for the Backend.

In order to bootstrap the demo, run mongodb locally and point it from /config/config.js then run npm install and then npm start.

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