DDIY - Don't Do It Yourself is a Yeoman generator for SPA
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Don't do it Yourself

Frontend Stack Generator

Choose your favorite tools to build a frontend stack and scaffold an SPA base project. The main goal of this project is to allow building complex SPA without relying on a framework (only libs). It's useful if you wan't to build a project that will be maintain by a team which has no experience with your favorite framework.

Installing / Getting started

If you not already have Yeoman, install it globally

npm install -g yo

then install this generator

npm install generator-ddiy

and run it with

yo ddiy

This should launch a local web server with the app landing page after asking you a few config questions. Your app root folder should be ready in the <WORKSPACE_DIRNAME> dir (default is your project root).

To launch it later, from the <WORKSPACE_DIRNAME> directory just do:

npm run serve


Choose the right tool for each of those goals:

  • Task Running ex: gulp
  • Bundling ex: webpack
  • View Rendering ex: React
  • Unit Testing ex: Mocha

Afterwards DDIY will build the stack, scaffold your app and optionally launch a local webserver


Build the base structure of the app TODO: display tree structure here


Params are asked when running yo ddiy

  • appName (String, default: name of parent folder (the one in which you've run yo ddiy)
    Id of the app, it should only contains alphanum chars and hyphens

  • appTitle (String, default: name of parent folder (the one in which you've run yo ddiy)
    Title of the app, that should be displayed to the users

  • rootTag (String, default: body)
    The root html tag of the app (body for full SPA)

  • localServerPort (Number, default: 9010)
    The port used by local server


Create a component defined by a [name].js, a _[name].scss and a [name].hbs written to work together


Params are passed as arguments when running yo ddiy:components [name]

  • name (String)
    Name of the component (only alphanum characters and hyphen).


Constants are defined in generators/conf.js and are used by all the generators


Want to develop on top of it?

git clone
cd generator-ddiy
npm install
npm link 

npm link enables yeoman to find this generator


If you'd like to contribute, please fork the repository and use a feature branch. Pull requests are warmly welcome.


The code in this project is licensed under MIT license.

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