Generate code, config files, or anything you want!
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$ cnpm install ge -g
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ge - The Code Generator

Generate code, config files, or anything you want!

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The goal of this project is to provide an easy to use mechanism for generating common boilerplate code, regardless of which programming language or functionality it provides. This project should also provide an easy way for developers to to plug in new code templates and tasks for generating just about any kind of code.


Install the dependencies for this project:

If you are having issues please see How to install Node.js and npm

Getting Started

Install ge using the -g (global) flag

npm install -g ge


ge -t relative/path/to/template

Generated files will be placed under ./build relative to your current dir.


Please see some template examples in the /samples directory

Running The Examples

Copy the /samples folder to your current directory and run any of the examples like this:

ge -t samples/1_hello
ge -t samples/2_filename
ge -t samples/3_filename_var
ge -t samples/4_helper
ge -t samples/5_iterator
ge -t samples/6_conditional

The generated files will be placed under the ./build directory (relative to your current dir)


Static generation by Metalsmith


Created by: Ricardo Rossi

Licensed under the MIT license

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