Boot js from ipfs for fun!
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$ cnpm install funboot 
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to get started

sudo npm install -g funboot

cp funboot_names


funboot is a tool that boots javascript from ipfs

it includes its own import tool, an example file would look like this:

$env.log('hello from funboot')
module.exports = function () {
  $env.log('i can be called as well')

to get it ready for use, run:

funboot import test.js

file: test.js test QmdgkBdLKEQk2qgh7q89yfanCGZW6Nx2zpeabog58tBuSL

This also writes the last line of the output to ~/.funboot-names

To run it, simply do

funboot test

the output should be: hello from funboot

If you then write a file test-boot.js

$env.boot($env, 'test').then(function (bootme) {


funboot test-boot

the output will be:

hello from funboot i can be called as well

You get it right?

built-in commands


Prints a help message, is also the default if no argument is provided


The bootstrap command, it is responsible for importing other scripts, and new versions of itself.

example syntax:

funboot import test.js
funboot import index.js --with-name test
funboot import --browserify --with-name between index.js

Also appends the newly imported name to ~/.funboot-names


If you want to bootstrap yourself, you can use

node cmd/unbooted_import.js cmd/import.js

And then, of course

funboot import cmd/import.js

Feel the metaprogramming excitement wash over you


To test the $env.log() functionality


Is an import of domanics between library, used to test browserify import.


Just prints the enviroment variable, including arguments, etc


funboot name name

Resolves the hash of the name provided

funboot name --all

Prints all known names


An example script to be used from the next in this list


Boots bootme


Browserify import of lodash, for use in name, etc


Boots 'between' and makes it spit some text

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