A theme development companion for Ghost.
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$ cnpm install fmlr 
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A theme development companion for Ghost.


Install Familiar globally.

$ npm install -g fmlr

Use Ghost CLI to setup a local Ghost server.

$ ghost install local

Navigate to the themes directory and start a new theme.

$ cd <ghost-directory>/content/themes
$ fmlr new <name>

Start up a live development server and get going right away.

$ fmlr dev



Start a new Ghost theme.

$ fmlr new <name> [theme]
  • name (required) - The name of your theme. Also used to name the directory where your theme lives.
  • theme (optional) - URL or shorthand pointing to an alternate starter theme. Supports GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket. See the docs for download-git-repo for URL formatting.


Start a live development server. Familiar will watch your theme for updates, process assets on the fly, and reload browsers automatically.

$ fmlr dev


Scan your theme with Gscan. Disabled for now.

$ fmlr scan


Build a production version of your theme.

$ fmlr build

Have fun making Ghost themes! ♥

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