Connect to FIWARE Object Storage GE from NodeJS

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$ cnpm install fiware-object-storage 
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This module is deprecated and no longer maintained. A working (and much more feature-complete) Object Storage GE module can be found at renarsvilnis/fiware-object-storage-ge.


A NodeJS module for read/write access to the FIWARE Object Storage GE


  $ [sudo] npm install fiware-object-storage


Include the fiware-object-storage module and initialize it with a configuration object:

fiwareObjectStorageConfig = {
  url       : 'FIWARE_OBJECTSTORAGE_URL'  // IP of the Object Storage GE, e.g. "" (FIWARE Lannion2)
  auth      : 'FIWARE_AUTH_URL'           // IP of the Auth Services, likely ""
  container : 'some-container'            // Whatever container you want to connect to
  user      : "FIWARE_EMAIL_ADDRESS"      // Your FIWARE account email
  password  : "FIWARE_PASSWORD"           // Your FIWARE account password.. i know.. no comment.

var fiwareObjectStorage = require('fiware-object-storage');

fios = fiwareObjectStorage(fiwareObjectStorageConfig);

  // Now we are connected.
  var files = fios.getFileList() // Prints file list to the console and returns it as an array of strings




Connects to the URLs declared in the config. Then calls the callback function


Prints and returns Array of File Names

putFile(name, data, meta)

Uploads file into the container. name will be the filename inside the container, data must be the file data in base64 encoding. meta can be any additional data, will be stringified.


Downloads the file called name from the container and returns:

  meta : String
  mimetype: String
  value : base64-encoded data


No warranties. It's fiware-related code.

For anything else: MIT.

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