Build your own fish!
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$ cnpm install fish-extension 
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Fish Node Module

Based on react-slingshot


install package:

yarn add @create21st/fish-module

import module:

import FishModule from '@create21st/fish-module'


<FishModule jsonData={content} onEnded={(next: boolean) => {} } onInspirationFound={(id: number) => {} } />

  • jsonData: mandatory. JSON Object containing the fish structure
  • onEnded(next: boolean): optional. callback to be executed when close element has finished. next boolean: indicates whether the next fish episode should be started.
  • onInspirationFound(id: number): optional. callback to be executed when correct answer is found by user. id: inspiration id, to be set in interaction object


Install dependencies

If you don't have yarn jet, install it globally npm i -g yarn

Install Node Modules yarn


To start Development Server & watcher simply run: npm start


To run all tests: npm run tests


To build the whole Application run: npm run build


Make sure you have your new version built and given it a new version number in the package-module.json file. Then, cd to build folder and run npm publish. (make sure you are logged in with your npm account)

Happy Developing! :)

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