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$ cnpm install fingi 
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You will need node v0.10.20 and npm v1.3.11 (comes with node) or a more recent version in order to start using it.

Once you have node and npm on your machine, install with:

$ npm install -g fingi

Or just add sudo if you need root access:

$ sudo npm install -g fingi

This should installs you a fingi script in your $PATH. The script also creates a leveldb database at $HOME/.fingi for storing device credentitals for convenience.


fingi register device-id

Sends an HTTP register POST message to the Fingi Operational Services server to obtain authentication information for the specified device-id. The device must be added to the FOS first before this call will work.

Afterwards, the command will saves the returned authorization token and secret for you automatically for use with other commands.

fingi auth device-id auth-token auth-secret

Alternatively, you can set the authorization token and secret to use with the specified device-id directly by using this command.

fingi connect [device-id]

Connects to the Fingi messsaging hub over an SSL connection. If a device-id is specified and there is authorization information saved for it previously, then an IDENTIIFY line is constructed and sent automatically for you to authorizes the connection as soon as it is established.

Omit the device-id to connects manually or experiment in unauthorized connection mode.

After the connection is established, typing into STDIN will send it directly to the hub. Type QUIT to terminate the connection.

fingi show all

Shows everything that's saved into your local leveldb database.

fingi show device-id

Shows information about device-id saved into your local leveldb database.

fingi repair

Repairs your local leveldb database should there be any problem (or you get an error message about the database being locked.)

fingi clean

Removes your local leveldb database completely. Effectively starts everything from scratch.


MIT. See the LICENSE file for the full text.

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